Paris at the time of Philippe Auguste

plaque rue du Louvre

The wall

Plaques on the left bank (west)

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This plaque has not been put in the right place by the city of Paris. It is about 100 yards to the left of the Institute building where the tower of Nesles was situated.

tour de nesles quai Conti
rue Mazarine
Plaque in the street (in 2003)
parking rue Mazarine
Plaque in the car park (in 2003)
rue Dauphine
Plaque on the wall
rue Dauphine
gros plan sur la plaque rue Dauphine
Close up
maison de la catalogne
On the window
at the time of Maison de la Catalogne
cour du commerce st André
Plaque in the street (in 2003)

Bientôt ici l'emplacement des plaques sur une carte...